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Hair relaxing is straightening your hair completely. It’s less prone to tangling because the relaxing process eliminates the kinks and bends in natural hair fibers. This reduces the risk of breakage. Most ladies find it easier to maintain their hair when their hair is relaxed. Relaxed hair requires touch ups in eight to twelve weeks with hair growth and hair type.

Nail Services

We creatively paint, decorate, enhance, and shape the nails as our client’s desire. Can be done on fingernails and toenails to suit ones style & personality. Our range of nail work services include; Manicures, pedicures, Gel polish, acrylics, overlays, stick on, tips, magnetic nails, gum gel.



Dreadlocks are narrow strands of natural hair formed by braiding or twisting.

Dreadlocks are very easy to maintain, very economical, chemical free and a fashionable protective hairstyle that can be done in variety of looks like Fresh locks, Sister locks, Micro crochets, Artificial locks, Grafted locks.

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