Tips to Create a More Eco-Friendly Hair and Beauty Regime

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As the number one eco-friendly hair colorist in Broward County, Inscape Beauty Salon strives to provide an exceptional experience using sustainable, non-toxic products as often as possible. While improving the condition of the Earth seems like a huge task, it is crucial to remember that every effort helps immensely. When many people make small changes, it makes a big difference. Here are some tips to create a more eco-friendly hair and beauty regime at home:

  1. Ditch the Makeup Wipes
Ditch the Makeup Wipes

Makeup wipes are convenient for those evenings when you simply can’t wait to crawl into bed for the night. Unfortunately, they are not recyclable, compostable, or reusable. This leads to an excessive amount of waste with around 7.6 billion pounds of wipes making their way to landfills each year. By making a simple switch to a more sustainable product, such as micellar water, a cream cleanser, or a reusable/washable cloth option, you can prevent thousands of makeup wipes from ending up in landfills.

2. Repurpose Old Containers/Brushes

Repurpose Old Containers/Brushes

Many of us simply toss our empty containers into the trash with little thought. This leads to unnecessary waste that can be decreased by simply repurposing old containers and brushes that you no longer use. For instance, you can use old mascara wands to tame flyaway hairs, refill old body wash bottles with homemade scrubs, or turn an old eyeliner brush into a nail art pen. You can also use old makeup brushes as paintbrushes for arts and craft projects. The possibilities are endless and you will likely end up saving money throughout this process. If you simply can’t find a use for an old item, be sure to recycle it properly.

2. Buy Bamboo Brushes

Buy Bamboo Brushes

Plastic hair brushes are common and available at nearly every store you visit. It can be tempting to pick one up if you are in need of a new brush because they are inexpensive and readily available. You may believe that they are recyclable in your standard recycling bin at home; however, they require a specialized approach to recycling. There are no widespread recycling programs for these products which are typically cheaply made and break easily.
Instead, opt for an all-natural bamboo brush. These brushes are long-lasting and biodegradable. Likewise, you can buy bamboo makeup brushes and toothbrushes to further lower your carbon footprint. Although the initial cost of purchasing all-natural bamboo brushes may be higher than if purchasing cheap plastic, you will also save money over time as you will have a higher quality product that needs to be replaced less frequently.

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