Missing That Summer Glow? Try a New Hair Color

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Throughout the summer months, many of us naturally obtain a summer glow as we spend time lounging on the beach or getting regular spray tans throughout the season. When your skin appears sunkissed, the shade can make both your eyes and your hair color pop. Unfortunately, once the summer glow begins to fade, your hair may not look as striking as it did against your darker skin tone. While it can be tempting to indulge in self-tanners or professional spray tans well into the winter months, many find that it looks more natural to change their hair color instead. Here are the most flattering hues based on eye color and your skin’s undertones:

1. Light Eyes

Light Eyes

If you have light-colored eyes and pale skin, you are likely prone to burning in the summer. If you forget to apply sunscreen adequately when outdoors, you may obtain a tan after the burn heals. Despite this, the best way to obtain contrast that enhances your eyes and skin tone is through your hair color. In Davie, many salon goers base their color picks on what looks complementary to others. For instance, a celebrity with pale skin and light eyes that has killer platinum blonde locks may inspire you to make the leap. Unfortunately, it all comes down to your skin’s undertones more than the actual shade. If you have pale skin and light eyes with a warm undertone, opt for sandy blondes and chocolate browns. Cool undertones; however, should instead aim for platinum blondes or copper-based shades.

2. Dark Eyes

Dark Eyes

While most assume that dark-colored eyes are always brown, there are certain shades of hazel that are also quite dark. The color that you choose to complement your dark eyes and pale skin is crucial. Those who go too dark run the risk of looking washed out, while the same is true if you go with a hue that is too light. As with all skin tones, you should also consider your undertones. If you have dark eyes, pale skin, and warm undertones, honey blondes and caramels are your best bet. If you have cool undertones, stick with ashy blondes and browns.

3. Neutrals

When it comes to luck, those with neutral undertones have plenty of it. These individuals can go either way and their eyes and complexion will look fabulous. To determine whether you want to go with warm or cool hair color in Davie, decide which features you want to highlight. You can also opt to go for a cooler shade in the fall and winter and a warmer tone in the spring and summer.

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