Haircuts to Try This Fall

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Much like each season inspires changes to the clothes and colors that you wear, the shift to fall can prompt a similar desire when it comes to your hair. Whether you opt to embrace the traditional fall colors with your hair color or you are looking for a new, stylish haircut in Davie, the season is full of inspiration. Uncover some of our favorite haircuts for Autumn:

1. The A-Line Bob

When it comes to bobs, you can’t go wrong with any of the variations. From short and sleek to mid-length with layers, they are stylish and easy to maintain. For the upcoming season, we can’t get enough of the classic A-Line bob. This haircut is generally kept short in the back and gradually increases in length towards the front of the face. It is highly flattering on round faces and provides a slimming effect. Likewise, it can easily be customized to fit your preferences when it comes to the overall length, layers, or the addition of bangs.

Already rocking this haircut in Davie and want to spice up your color for fall? Ask your hair stylist to add caramel-colored highlights or opt for a rich auburn base color to ring in the season.

2. The Modern Pixie

Pixie cuts are ultra chic and one of the simplest haircuts in Davie when it comes to upkeep. Although the classic pixie is kept at a barely-there length, modern renditions see the length slightly longer. In either case, the look is highly structured and draws attention to the facial features. Before visiting your local Davie hair salon, be sure to consider the length you are looking for. If you are looking for a longer pixie cut, it is important to let your hairstylist know what you are envisioning. When you feel that you can’t explain the hairstyle adequately, consider bringing in a photo so that everyone is on the same page.

3. Layered Bangs

Considering a change but don’t want to do anything too dramatic? Consider adding some bangs to your current haircut. In Davie, layered bangs remain a popular choice throughout the year. This is because they are a flexible option for those who typically don’t wear a style with bangs. The layers make them easily manipulated, meaning you can part them down the middle, push them to the side or keep them straight across your forehead.

4. The Lob

This style is often sported by those who are in the midst of growing out a much shorter bob, but it has become a style all its own in recent years. The “lob” (short for long bob) is the ultimate mid-length hairstyle. In most cases, it is kept simple with few layers and no bangs. It is at the perfect length where it can easily be styled and worn down or thrown up into a messy bun for a quick trip to the gym. As one of the most popular haircuts in Davie, it is a top choice moving into the fall season.

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