Defeat Frizzy Hair With These Tips & Tricks

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At one point, we all worked tirelessly to create a fabulous hairstyle. Whether down, up, or somewhere in between, you pour your efforts into styling only to have the look defeated by frizz. This is immensely frustrating, especially for those who continuously struggle with frizzy hair. While it can be tempting to throw your hair in a messy bun and forget about taming your wild locks, it is possible to get rid of frizz with these tips and tricks:

1. Tame flyaways with an old toothbrush.

Flyaways are those pesky little hairs that stick up and ruin an otherwise sleek hairstyle. While there is no way to avoid them completely, you can force them to lie down with the rest of your hair. To do so, spritz some hairspray on an old toothbrush. Afterward, use the toothbrush to brush them down. This will make your style look much more polished with little effort. As an added bonus, this is a great way to repurpose old toothbrushes to cut down on excess waste.

2. Use a dryer sheet for a quick fix.

Much like laundry is subjected to static and clinging, your hair experiences the same dilemmas. If you are in a rush and experiencing majorly frizzy hair, the solution may be waiting in your laundry room. Dryer sheets, which are intended for use in the dryer, prevent clothes from garnering static as they are tossed around in the machine. It works similarly on hair and can instantly reduce the amount of static and frizz in your locks. Grab a dryer sheet and rub it through your hair before running out the door. Be prepared; however, as most dryer sheets are ultra-scented and will make your locks fragrant for hours afterward.

3. Use a diffuser when drying your hair.

If you’ve ever driven with the windows down in the car, you know how unruly the wind can make your locks. The same is true when you use a hairdryer to dry your hair after washing. The air blows the hair in all different directions which can create frizz and tangles. To avoid this, use a diffuser when drying your hair. This allows your hair to dry while concentrating the hot air in one area instead of all over at once.

4. Get a Keratin treatment.

Keratin treatments are specifically designed with frizzy, dry, and damaged hair in mind. Oftentimes, hair that is frizzy is lacking moisture or is immensely damaged. The keratin treatment aims to reverse the damage and infuse moisture directly into each strand of hair. This can provide lasting results and can ease hair care woes that come along with frizzy locks.

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